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This Christian wedding websites offers a lovely selection of religious wedding gift ideas, from keepsake figures to home decorations.

The religious wedding figures offer a wonderful keepsake gift the couple can display on a mantle, tabletop, or other space. The top wedding figure is by Kim Lawrence and her Legacy of Love Collection and there are several Christian figures available.

Other Christian wedding gift ideas range from bride and groom figurine cake toppers, to mugs for the bride and groom, that will make a lasting treasure for the home.

Other Christian wedding gifts can be given to the newlywed couple or ever your wedding party like: the candle holder. Most of these Christian keepsake figures and collectibles will be gift-boxed and ready to give!

Mr. & Mrs. Christian Wedding Gift Set

Praying Husband wife figure
Praying Husband and Wife – Love and Cherish Figure

Sculpture of a husband of wife kneeling down in prayer is made of resin, with a bronze look finish. ON the base is the lovely sentiment:

Love and cherish,
trust and pray and
the cord will never fray.
Always keep your hearts wide open;
marriage is a cord unbroken.

Willow Tree Wedding Figurines

Promise Willow Tree couples Figurine
Promise of Love Willow Tree Couples Christian Figurine

Christian figurine of a couple holding hear other close offers a reminder of the love you share. This Willow Tree figurine comes with a card that reads:
Hold dear the promise of love.

Willow Tree Christian couple wedding figure
Willow Tree Couple Figure

A lovely Willow Tree figure of a young couple finding romance! This Willow Tree sculpture represents a couple who is navigating life together. Through the joys, the challenges, and the daily decisions that come with being a family.


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